Part 2: Let’s Go / Account Setup Wizard

Once you have registered on FarmDrop following Part 1 guidelines you will see a Let’s Go option to set up your payment system using the Store Setup guide.

Clicking “Not right now” will take users to their Vendor Dashboard, where you will manually need to set up shop. If this choice is selected Payment Settings and Store Set Up information will still need to be entered by navigating the Vendor Dashboard on top menu.

If you choose Let’s Go, you will be following a quick set up process.

If you choose Not Right Now, skip to Part 3.

Let’s Go > Store Set Up

Clicking Continue between each prompt will guide you through completing Store Details

After clicking Continue, you will be prompted to Connect Stripe

To Connect Stripe you will need a Stripe account, or your financial information ready at this time. 

  1. If not logged into FarmDrop, to create an account please go to 
  2. If you followed the Let’s Go prompts from the registration page of, click Connect Stripe
  3. If you have already created a Stripe account for FarmDrop at this time, that account should clearly show up as an option for you to select 
  4. If you still need to create an account click on Use A New Business. 

And fill out all the information in the form:

  1. If you have a Stripe account for FarmDrop created, select that and then follow the prompt that appears for you to Connect to your FarmDrop Stripe account.

NOTE: select from the different accounts displayed to connect to your FarmDrop-specific Stripe account. 

Once you have connected your bank account to a FarmDrop Stripe account (this can be done in advance), and your FarmDrop Dashboard>Settings>Payments to Stripe, you will be redirected to your FarmDrop Vendor Dashboard. Your store is connected if you see the red button Disconnect and the green message below saying: ”Your account is connected with Stripe.”

Great job, you’ve completed Part 2: Account Setup – Proceed to Part 3: Store Setup