Part 1: Account Setup

Begin at

> Register through the form on the right

For new producers, Select Your FarmDrop Market from the list, enter business email address and password, and select “I am a vendor” and then fill out the form that opens up.

NOTE: The stronger the password the better, so add a capital letter, number and symbol to an easy password. The password can be changed later in My Account > Account Details.  

Enter your Business Name and then click within the URL field and it will auto-populate your FarmDrop store link correctly. Use this link in your email marketing, social media and promotional efforts to get your customers on to FarmDrop and help build the community around your local FarmDrop. 

Finally, enter your phone number, and then click Register.

> You can either follow the prompts on the website or continue to the next page for Step-by-Step support.