Part 4: Add Products to Your New Store

* In order to ensure you are covered to sell products on FarmDrop, we will need you to submit Proof of Product Liability, please send this to your market hub manager at your earliest convenience.

From your Dashboard, select the Products tab on the left, then the Add New Product button on the upper right. 

Enter your product name and details 

In order to upload an image for each one of your products follow these steps:

Step 1: Hit the Upload Picture Button within the Product you are creating or editing

Step 2: Either upload or drag the image file you would like to use, square images are best.

Step 3: Once uploaded, the picture will populate into your image library and be saved there for current and future use. Make sure the image you want linked to your new product is highlighted, then click “Select Feature Image”

Step 4: You can also add more images to the Product Gallery for each product. Find  the small plus sign under your feature image and click it to upload more images.

The system will auto-crop your image to fit the necessary format.   

Please note that rectangular images will not look as though they have been cropped correctly to the square frame when you first upload them, but they will appear correctly once in the store view. So go to your store view, following the same steps you used before, to make sure it displays your product in a way that is easy to identify and enticing.

Click Create and Add New to save a product entry and start adding another product. 

When you’re done with the last product, click Create Product, you will be directed to Edit Product. Click Products on the Dashboard to see all the products you’ve added to your store, hover over Product name to find Edit

Add inventory details for each product, including description, stock status, pricing, and discount options.

Step 5: Additional Product Features

Create Discounts

You have the ability to enable bulk discounts total order discounts, and discounted price schedules with dates.  

You can enable bulk discount options for customers which will be activated when they buy a specific volume  of a given product.

You can also create a store wide discount by setting a minimum total order amount which, once reached, will activate a percentage discount from the price of their total order. Customers must buy a minimum number of products within a single order to get this discount.

Activate a bulk discount

To set this up go to Seller Dashboard → Product → In Product Options → Bulk Discount

Now, enter the minimum volume that will give customers a discount for any product.

Create a Variable Product

Variable products refer to a product that has multiple types or styles.  These settings let you offer a set of variations on a product with control over prices, stock, image, and more. They can be used for a product like a Jams which you can offer in different flavors.

Start by clicking create new (or edit existing) product like above. If they are not already filled in, you will begin with being prompted to set several mandatory fields, like product name, category, price etc. Fill them in so that you can move on to the later sections without interruption. Now, click on the Create Product button and it will redirect you to the product edit page. 

Once you have filled in the basic information about your product make sure you have the product type set as “Variable”.

Scroll down to the Attribute & Variation section.  There you can manage different attributes and variations for these products.

For more details on how to create variable products go to >

Create Attributes

You can create a new attribute by selecting Custom Attribute and clicking on the “Add Attribute” button. Now, provide the attribute name and its values. You can create more values by entering an ‘|’ character after each value.

Create Variations

Select one of the values and click Create Variations

Or, you can create single variation by selecting the Add Variation option. After choosing that option, click on the Go button and it will generate possible variations for each of your attributes automatically.

If you find that you need a more detailed example of this process please watch this video.

Step 6: Review Your Store

To make sure your images and information are all properly displayed: Click the Visit Store button at the bottom of the left column. There you will be able to see how everything is displayed to customers.

When you are satisfied with your set up, return to the Dashboard.

You are almost done! Stick with us for a few more minutes, and complete Part 5: Join Us!