Part 5: Join Us!

Congratulations, you completed the Producer Guide to Setting up Your Account

Thank you so much for getting through these logistical steps with us. The last step is below. 

Now that you have mastery of how to use our technology to build your store, you can define your presence at your market hub and online to meet your business goals. As your regional marketplace grows over time, you will have all the skills to adjust your store to reflect your level of involvement in feeding your community and using this tool to advance your enterprise. 

As always, FarmDrop and your local Market Hub Manager are here to help with technical support, customer service, and more. In the next Producer Guide to Marketing on FarmDrop we’ll share how you can use FarmDrop tools to get advice and data on marketing, meeting customer demand, and promoting your store and your shared marketplace. 

Please reach out to us or your Market Hub Manager if you have further questions – FarmDrop is designed to work collaboratively to grow resilient food hubs in your community and help your business thrive!

The FarmDrop Team

[email protected]

Tech Support

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Help Portal

Your FarmDrop Market Hub manager’s information can be found on our website, and if you don’t hear from them in 48 hrs, please send them an email with us in copy ([email protected]).

We are truly excited to start working with you and your business on

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