Highlight Your Store_Banner and Profile

Add a Banner Image & a Profile Photo to your account

Go to Settings > Store

Your Banner Image should be a landscape photo (long, horizontal image). This can be a photo of your farm, one of your products, or in some cases, your logo.

Make sure your banner image photo is

  • In-focus. Once you upload the photo make sure it isn’t blurry when you look at it on the Producers page.
  • Level. For example, if there’s an image of a barn in the photo, make sure it is straight. The edit feature in Photos on your phone makes this step very simple.

Your Profile Photo can be your logo (this works especially well if you already have a circular logo, or a photo of yourself. Your customers love knowing the person behind the product so don’t be afraid to add your own photo! If you have no logo and you don’t want to use a photo of yourself, consider a photo of one of your animals or a clear shot of one of your products.

For your profile photo

  • Make sure the logo is fully included in the circle and not cut off at all
  • In focus, whether using logo, personal photo, or other image.