Intro to FarmDrop for New Producers

Welcome to the FarmDrop 

We’re an online farmers market with a growing family of Maine small farms selling direct to food shoppers who want great food from local food producers. 

Imagine that a multi-farm CSA and a farmers market decided to have an online baby – that’s FarmDrop! 

We invite you to join us online! 

Where we started

CoFounders Hannah Semler and Kelin Welborn established FarmDrop in 2018 as an L3C. 

The goal was to secure foundation support for technology development and to take advantage of the many programs in Maine that fund business development. 

We grew tremendously, expanded nationally, and then re-localized to Maine to focus on: 

  • Growing our locations
  • Expanding our network of farms
  • Improving the online shopping experience

Who we are now

We’re a connected network of paid volunteers and community organizers. A scrappy group of market hub managers, coordinators, and drivers operate the network. 

We’re always resource challenged and rely on borrowed spaces, community member’s vehicles, and the willingness of all producers to jump in with marketing and pitch in with driving.

We’re determined to make this work.

What we offer

  • We follow farmers’ market food safety standards

  • You are in charge of your cold chain; your coolers move through collaborative logistics with other farms.

  • Direct payment as a farmers market processed through our digital platform

  • Collaborative marketing – you reach more locations in one day, and pay a percentage of sales rather than a per market fee

Next steps

We have more information for you to help you decide if FarmDrop is right for your farm and food business. 

Then fill out our Get Started form and we’ll take it from there. 

If you’d prefer to email us with questions, please do!

Thank you so much for the incredible work you do of feeding people nutritious and safe food. 

Go FarmDrop Maine!


Hannah Semler, Cofounder of and her dog Barley.