What We Do

FarmDrop is a tech-based solution getting your products to more customers right in your community, making it possible for our rural food economies to better connect, and creating efficiencies for food business operations with collaborative online systems. 

Connect to Your Local Food Network – Involvement in FarmDrop will bring you the benefits of a more connected, stronger local food system. We host multiple farmers and producers from your surrounding community on one streamlined online marketplace, creating a collaborative marketing, sales, and distribution channel. You get the retail price you want with lower distribution costs. One community at a time, we are building a network of direct-to-consumer online farmers markets so your inventory can be shown on multiple FarmDrop market hubs if you choose.           

In a time of increased isolation FarmDrop keeps everyone safe and connects us all to the food economies and relationships that sustain the fabric of community life.  

Grow Your Business Digitally – FarmDrop creates the digital storefront, does technical support, and connects you with other FarmDrop communities. Our data-driven approach to understanding customers’ demands and appetite for local products will help scale your business locally and beyond. Each location has a Market Hub Manager who handles customer service and pick up site logistics as well as markets to customers in their area on your behalf, creating promotions and excitement about what you are producing. Our system collects pre-payments from customers, generates a report for your harvest, and distributes funds directly to you, with a processing fee of 5%. 

Zero Waste Shoppers select their favorite products from your networked stores and pay through the site in advance.  You harvest-to-order, ensuring customers get the very best of what you create and you don’t have to waste any labor, product, or time. Now you can grow a digital business while spending more time doing what you love: growing, raising, and making food that sustains your community, while collaboratively supporting your neighbors and the FarmDrop community of makers and workers.

Make a DifferenceYour FarmDrop marketplace creates new local jobs by adding a Market Manager for each hub. Grassroots organizations with environmental and social impact can also be featured alongside producers’ storefronts, creating an opportunity for exposure and fundraising. Tell us what cause you stand for in your community and we will stand with you, sharing a portion of revenue with organizations you want to support, especially those that prevent food waste and feed hungry families. Customers shop for what they want – their dollars make the collective impact we all want.


Collaborative Marketing – FarmDrop and your Market Hub Managers send weekly email reminders to customer databases and do social media marketing, while you cross promote to your networks. 

Shared Sales Revenue – Our tech processes your payments; you harvest or prepare only what has already been sold and paid for.  FarmDrop charges 5% of product sales and a Stripe fee of 2.9% + 0.30 cents applies to each aggregate transaction (i.e revenue sent to Stripe = total amount purchased in one order – 5% – (2.9% + 30cents)). 

Distribution and Order Fulfillment – Market Hub Managers take care of all ordering and fulfillment logistics, as well as customer service.  Customers are each charged an extra $5 pick-up fee, which goes to the Market Hub Manager in exchange for their support in these areas.