How it Works

Once you’ve filled out the application at the end of this Course, we send you on to your chosen Market Hub location to get your main account set up, later you can join multiple markets.


Customers browse products you make available each week in your online store.  They select what they love during the order window and make one payment at checkout. You receive direct payment for all the week’s orders through the FarmDrop system, instead of having to arrange payment with each customer independently. 


Customers fill their online carts from your store only during your individual Market Hub’s order window. You then generate a FarmDrop report detailing what is needed from you for total order fulfillment at each location each week.  This allows you to do a single weekly harvest, prep, and pack of product for which you have already received payment.


After your weekly harvest or prep, you’ll download a sales and order fulfillment report from your online storefront, collect your items and get them ready for a bulk delivery, for which you have already received payment! You can manage your own refunds if there is an issue, but make this the exception not the rule.  Each item needs to have clear labeling to assist with correct order fulfillment, but does not need to be personalized.  Your FarmDrop Market Hub Manager’s job is to know what needs to go into each customer bag, assembling individual customer orders from everyone’s bulk deliveries. Your containers can be an a weekly cycle as well, so you drop off new and pick up the old, and keep them on a FarmDrop specific rotation if possible.

Due to COVID-19 additional protocols for scheduling drop-off might apply to ensure safety.


Customers pick up between a certain start and end time, set by the Market Hub Manager. It is possible to have multiple pick-up locations for customers in slightly different areas, but you will generally only be delivering to one central hub. If you want to have a pick-up location at your farm, you will need to create an agreement with the market hub manager, and set that up. FarmDrop supports home delivery payment processing but it is up to your Market Hub Manager to establish that service. We know that a big change is not having direct contact with your customers. You are welcome to add personalized notes, or contact your customers that purchase from your store anytime, however it is generally best to have most communication go through the Market Hub Manager to reduce email overload, and keep things streamlined. We are working on better direct online communication between customers and producers on your online store. More soon!