Who We Are

We are thrilled to have you joining FarmDrop.us and want to tell you a bit about who we are.

In 2011, the Hurvitt & Treitler family–owners of the Blue Hill Wineshop in Maine –were trying to solve a problem: How could they support farmer and maker friends year round in their small town when existing farmers markets were seasonal? Their solution was to create the first neighborhood FarmDrop site–a place where community members could order online and pick up products every week, all year long. After four years of serving the downtown Blue Hill neighborhood as a community service, they were ready to hand off the idea to new leadership, and that’s where co-founders Kelin Welborn and Hannah Semler come in.

FarmDrop L3C was founded in 2018, as as social business model, to bring a flexible e-commerce solution to small-scale producers and rural communities everywhere across the US. We now have 11 markets hubs, hosted in different communities across the country, with 7 of them in Maine. What’s special about how we are developing the FarmDrop market hub network, is that our markets collaborate with each other.

FarmDrop addresses local producers’ need for collaborative marketing with a new model of online direct-to-consumer market hubs, or online farmers markets, that integrates marketing, sales and weekly distribution logistics tools. Producers manage inventory, list available products, set their own pricing, and get paid directly by customers. A local community organization, farmer, or individual takes on weekly aggregation of product and customer order fulfillment so your order drop-off can be quick and easy.

Our Marketing, Sales and Tech Team is lean and we are split across 12 market hub across Maine, WNY, and Arizona. We will introduce everyone to you soon, but for now, if you have any trouble with the training site please contact help@farmdrop.us.

Below is a short promotional video that co-founder Kelin Welborn produced through her company Welborn Designs! If you like it, share it. Join our FarmDrop.us mailing list as well for periodic blog posts and a quarterly newsletter.

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