Product Variety and Producer Engagement

Become a Digital Marketer > Select producers and the right product variety

Build a Producer List focused on product variety. We will support you with market driven research that will ensure you have a well-rounded marketplace ensuring customer satisfaction, and happy producers. 

We have created 3 examples of ideal customers for you to inspire how you build your Producer Marketplace:

Customer 1: Weekly Feeding, purchases weekly as a foundation of their grocery shopping; consider well balanced meals with Meat and Produce and an availability of Dry Goods and Bakery items.

Customer 2: Satisfying a Specific Category not available locally; In this case, consider someone looking for locally and humanely sourced meats; consider special items such as Lamb Chops or High End cuts of Beef, or Uniquely produced sausage/cured meats.

Customer 3: Staples and Specialty Items, Online shopping does not have to eliminate the fun unexpected purchases you might make at your local co-op; unique items such as body-care and high value items like honey locally made sauces. These items can quickly grow your sales for both your Producers and yourself.


Guidelines (Category List) of how your Marketplace will be organized. Consider which of these categories you can fulfill with Producers in your area that you will want committed to your Marketplace to drive sales and build customer loyalty: (Category List)

Maintain open communication and ensure that you have producers who are available during your scheduled Market Hub operating weeks and hours. Use your Digital Marketing tools to help maintain communication with you Customers

Create a social media buzz with your Producers. We offer guidance to build a successful online presence. It’s important to continue to build your online relationships with your customers and helping your Producers in the meantime will help everyone find value with your FarmDrop Market Hub.