Overview of the FarmDrop Marketing Process

FarmDrop Market Hub Landing Page:

Congratulations! You are ready to launch your Market Hub Landing Page to start collecting customer emails. This will be the first tool we help you create, to start announcing the launch of a FarmDrop Local Market Hub in your community. The emails will be subscribed to your account in ActiveCampaign (FarmDrop will give you your credentials) where you can use a variety of email templates we have created for you to get started. It’s important to keep your potential customers (those who sign up) engaged while you continue to take the steps to launching your new Market Hub, securing the location and product variety

Goal: As is outlined in the MOU, FarmDrop maintains a hopeful expectation that you will be able to sign up 100 customers through this site before the launch of your marketplace.

Here is an example of what it looks like

Active Campaign Templates:

Active Campaign Accounts will become available  once you have a Landing Page, and have confirmed with your Market Hub that you have 6 producers signed up. At this point, your Active Campaign can be used to build buzz around the new Market Hub coming soon, via your Landing Page and Email Marketing.

Market Hub Managers will receive a library of email templates to share with their potential customers prior to opening and with customers once your marketplace becomes live. These templates are designed to streamline your weekly communications with your customers about what’s new in your marketplace, the value of being a FarmDrop customer, and to receive feedback from your community about how to improve the marketplace over time..

Active Campaign Tutorial

Social Media:

Market Hub Managers will be given guidance on how to set up and promote their market hub through Facebook and Instagram. These digital marketing tools will greatly help with word-of-mouth sharing about the upcoming market hub and educate your community about the value of FarmDrop in your area.

Social Media also offers value to engage within your community. We encourage you to share posts from your producers’ social media platforms as well as comment, share, like, and create stories about other organizations that your Market Hub aligns with.

“Marketing Materials for New Markets”

Word of Mouth + Traditional Marketing Materials:

Each new MHM will be mailed 500 double-printed post card sized flyers that they can give to producers, distribute locally throughout your community, or share in the best way they see possible. You will also receive a downloadable/printable PDF 8.5×11” poster that we encourage you print and post throughout your community.

Word of Mouth is the age-old proven method of successful marketing and we recommend that you encourage sharing as much information about your new market as possible. Once your Market opens, Word Of Mouth will continue to become more valuable as your customers engage with your Producers and Market Hub.

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