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Tucson FarmDrop

Tucson FarmDrop is run by Gallery of Food Bodega. Checkout our marketplace here >> For information on how to join this market as a vendor use the link below to sign up and receive notice when your application has been reviewed, or email [email protected] for more information. Apply to be a part of FarmDrop …

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Greater Portland

Greater Portland is a hybrid market, working with Unity and Lisbon FarmDrop producers to expand markets for our small-scale producers and support our rural food systems with the urban purchasing power. We are excited to be partnering with producers from all over Maine. Please join us to make our food systems more resilient!

Berwick FarmDrop

Welcome to Berwick FarmDrop, operating in Southern Maine. We are excited to get started with bringing you the best local foods to your communities.

Howland FarmDrop

We are just getting started setting up this training platform for Howland FarmDrop, including farms within a 25mile radius. Please fill out the form at the end of the Introduction to Producers course to reserve your spot.

Cape Elizabeth FarmDrop

Welcome back Jordan’s Farm – here is everything you need to know about our new system. Please contact [email protected] for any questions, and access for step-by-step guides. If you could complete the courses, and fill out the forms in the following sections we’d appreciate it. There are more courses coming soon to support you …

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Nunda – WNY FarmDrop

Welcome to Nunda-WNY FarmDrop! We are so thrilled to be offering you the opportunity to join an online market. Supporting local producers in our area to reach more customers. Our market is going to be open from Saturday to Tuesday, and distributing to customers on Thursday. In partnership with our sister site Linwood-WNY FarmDrop, we …

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Blue Hill FarmDrop

Blue Hill FarmDrop has been operating for 10 years. We are excited to be partnering with the original founding farms, and new farms that are coming online, almost every week. This portal is where all producers can come to gain access to new resources and guides to implement new programs as FarmDrop is continuously updating …

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Deer Isle FarmDrop

Welcome to the training platform for Deer Isle FarmDrop, we are excited to get you started on our new site. This training platform will be your companion guide to managing your onboarding to and to learning new tricks on how to make your store most successful. You will first complete the Introduction to FarmDrop …

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Waldoboro FarmDrop

We are thrilled to be partnering with Lakin’s Gorges Cheese to bring FarmDrop to the Midcoast area of Waldoboro. We have many farmer friends in the area and it is about time we did something about serving them with our digital platform. Please sign up to join Waldoboro FarmDrop by completing the Introduction to FarmDrop …

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Linneus FarmDrop

We are a small online marketplace serving Linneus and surrounding areas, and our claim to fame is that we are the northernmost online local food marketplace in Maine. Our State is big, and sometimes our local communities can feel small as markets, but we are looking to create a way for more people to turn …

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Lisbon FarmDrop

The Lisbon FarmDrop is operated by Little Ridge Farm, and has been both pick-up and delivery options in area codes around Lisbon and Brunswick areas. We are a year-round online market for local foods, and are excited to be working with the producers from the area to reach our customers using a simple digital tool. …

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Unity FarmDrop, Central Maine

Unity FarmDrop, serving Central Maine, serves the town of Unity customers, and several other locations within 25 miles of Unity, through a collaborative farmer run model of distribution. Our producers drive, or collaborate with other producers that drive, their product to the central hub in Unity, where order fulfillment happens, and farmers that are managing …

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Hartford FarmDrop

Hartford FarmDrop is excited to be offering a new online market for our locally produced foods and goods. We will be marketing to customer over the next several weeks, and can use your help in this effort to reach 100 sign ups before launch. Our pick up location will be a The Friendly Ewe’s farm …

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MDI FarmDrop

MDI FarmDrop is managed and run by Healthy Acadia, as a local community food service, that also benefits the Downeast Gleaning Initiative, in support of food pantries and meal sites in Hancock County receiving surplus fresh produce from local farms. Our customers order weekly from the MDI FarmDrop marketplace, where producers manage their online store …

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WNY FarmDrop-Linwood is inspired to grow and nurture community relationships while providing sustainable, local products from familiar faces. The Western NY FarmDrop will initially be located at Dublin Corners Farm Brewery in Linwood, a hamlet of the town of York, sandwiched in between Rochester, Batavia and Geneseo. Producers/vendors will drop off their consumables to Dublin Corners on …

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