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Ready to Onboard Producers? Let’s go!

The following links are for you to onboard producers to Producers will need to provide Certificate of Insurance (COI) – or Proof of Product Liability – to complete the application to FarmDrop. Once producers have signed up, we check their information and log their uploaded certificates of insurance and forward you their application via email as well as populate a spreadsheet with their responses that we will look over together to assess product variety readinness to launch.

Here are the links to invite producers to join FarmDrop, and your market hub:

After a minimum of six producers have signed up with the right product variety, you will be invited to sign in to the marketplace custom made for your Market Hub with the email and password provided to you by our team. We usually schedule a Zoom call to go over the basics of managing your market, and then you can start inviting producers to the platform to start building their store.

All the details on how to start creating an account on and setting up their Stripe Accounts and Product listings are explained in detail in the online training platform, New Producer Guide to Setting Up Your Store.

Generally we encourage grouping producers, into the first six essential producers onboard (veg/greens, meat, bakery, dairy, eggs, fruit), and then scheduling a weekly onboard for additional producers (one or two per week) to create a marketing buzz.

The following links will be handy to have for you to send to different producers as they sign up.

Once invited in to start building their store, producers will need their Bank Information, producer bio, and list of product and prices, pictures + descriptions handy, but our registration process is pretty simple. You can manage producers’ account  through your Market Hub portal, which we will teach you how to use when we’ve met the 6 producer signed up. 

Your Market Hub portal will allow you to:

  • Set Your Market Agenda: Order Cycle (Open/Close/Same Day Pickup), Pickup Locations and Times, Delivery, Emails
  • Manage Your Vendors: Enable/Disable, check on Stripe Connection, support in Photos and Product upload as needed
  • Download Weekly Reports (Customer Report, Aggregate Producer Report, and Sales Report)
  • Monitor Customer Sales through Woocommerce, as well as do customer service via Order Numbers.
  • As well as Manage Users, Products, and Marketing (Coupons) and Refund Orders.

Request Live Demo of Market Hub Portal > Email [email protected]