Introduction to FarmDrop for Producers

WELCOME to ~ we are so thrilled you have chosen us to support your business and community food system.

Your participation in FarmDrop is building a new, more resilient food economy. FarmDrop L3C is restructuring the food system so that it better serves the interests of small-scale producers, increases community access to your products, and sustains local jobs and businesses. We are dedicated to preserving the knowledge and sustainable stewardship of our rural landscapes by making it more convenient to choose the great food being produced in our very own foodsheds. FarmDrop makes it possible for communities to buy and sell, and trade year-round, sharing the most nutritious, safe, and delicious foods available, that in turn serve our planet and our place-based sense of self and food sovereignty.  We’re excited for you to join us in this mission! 

We are a collaborative marketplace that hosts multiple farmers and producers together on a regional online storefront.  Shoppers order from the inventory you make available each week and pay in advance; a dedicated Market Hub Manager receives your weekly bulk harvest deliveries and parcels out customer orders at their designated pickup location. This prepaid harvest-to-order model reduces waste by ensuring customers get the freshest of what you produce, while you make efficient use of your labor, product, and time. We are committed to the communities we serve and therefore use a distributed revenue model to support localized social and environmental causes, especially those that prevent food waste and feed hungry families. 

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Once we have a good number of producers signed up we will create your market and get you started on your storefronts. 

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